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Business description

Zutec develops and markets cloud-based software solutions, primarily directed to companies within the building and construction industry. The Company’s products help clients to increase their productivity and cost efficiency. Zutec provides solutions within project management, data and document collaboration tools, data enriched 3D-models, defect management, project handover and the operations and maintenance of buildings.
The Company’s main product is the Zutec Platform, which may be described as a cloud-based database. The Company markets several modules which can be connected to the platform to increase its functionality according to the needs of the customer.

Products and services

Zutec Platform:
Our core product is the "Zutec Platform" - a web-based database with various functions which can be extended through modules that the Company offers. All data/ documents related to a project/building are stored on the platform, where they can be managed and distributed.

Zutec On Site:
This app allows users to collect and review data while onsite. Information is synchronized with the Zutec platform where reports can be automatically generated and distributed. It can be used throughout the construction, handover and facilities management phases of a building.

Zutec Dimensions:
Zutec’s 3D model viewer allows users to view their project/building in a 3D environment on their mobile device and desktop.

Zutec Elevation
This app is a mobile tool that allows users to view, mark up and share drawings in real time from the field while also ensuring that all users are working from the same revision of all drawings.

Zutec QR Search:

Value proposition

Zutec provides customers with tangible benefits such as increased efficiency, greater project control, reduced cost, fewer errors and easier access and sharing of project data amongst all stakeholders. Zutec provides audit trails, automated updates and the handover of fully commissioned projects online.

It also allows for huge savings in terms of physical storage as most project data is cloud based and accessible remotely on the Zutec platform.

It was estimated that by using Zutec’s software for the Shard in London, 50,000,000 sheets of A4 pages were not printed, these would otherwise have required approximately 550 trees to produce.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 27001