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Business description

Vitalograph core business is the design, manufacture and marketing of respiratory function test equipment, ECG systems and software, cough monitoring systems and associated products to clinical settings and for use in clinical drug trials. Two other markets complement the traditional core market with the first market being consumables and services. The second market is the supply of equipment, software, services and data management to Clinical Drug Trials.

Products and services

• Spirometers for the measurement of lung function
• Vital signs measurement products such as SPO2, Blood Pressure and weight
• Spirometer consumables such as filters
• Pharma marketing products with a respiratory emphasis such as peak flow meters, inhaler trainers and calculators
• Asthma & COPD screeners
• Services such as spirometry training, calibration and service

• Equipment and services for cardio-respiratory clinical trials including:
- Spirometers
- SPO2
- Centralised spirometry services
- Cough Monitoring and Analysis systems
- ECG Over-reading Services
- Software for Clinical trials
- Over-read system,
- Data management services
- PRO & EPRO solutions for clinical trials

Value proposition

Vitalograph design, manufacture, sell and service a wide range of cardio- respiratory screening, diagnostic and monitoring devices for use within primary, secondary and tertiary care and also within the occupational health arena.

By providing screeners, spirometers and monitors that help make the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions such as COPD fast, simple and accurate we help protect patients’ quality of life and reduce the heavy financial burden such conditions place on healthcare budgets.

The direct cost of COPD to the UK healthcare system is currently estimated to be between £810m and £930m per annum and, without change, is set to grow. An estimated 3 million people in the UK have COPD but most of them don’t know it. Whilst COPD cannot be fully reversed early diagnosis can help halt progression of the disease to the acute stage, where quality of life is severely compromised and medical costs soar.

Our competitively priced cardio-respiratory products and services are designed to optimise medical intervention and conserve over-stretched healthcare budgets.

We also provide bespoke clinical trials services for many of the world's foremost pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and CROs. Our Spirotrac Centralised Spirometry System is a unique and revolutionary clinical trials solution that provides automated, simple and fast review of spirometry data.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 13485:2016 - Cert# MD 82182 CE Mark: MDD Class I, I/m and IIa devices - Certs CE00772 and CE85553 Comply with Health Canada regulations – CMDCAS Cert # FM 83550 Registered with US FDA. Registration # 3002808458 Successful US FDA Inspection - July 2013 Japanese JPAL Accreditation - Successful MHLW Inspection - Feb 2013 Registered with HPRA - Successful HPRA Inspection - July 2016

Key partners

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