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Ultimo aggiornamento il Agosto 15 2019

Business description

Ventilux Group has become one of the Leading Emergency Lighting and Testing System Manufacturers Worldwide providing solutions across all sectors and markets.

The Head Office at Bray, co. Wicklow, is the centre of the Ventilux operation, with over 35000 sq. ft. of state of the art production facilities, research and development laboratories, in-house training centre and European and World distribution warehouses.

Products and services

Ventilux designs and manufactures an extensive range of safety system products including Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection, Nurse Call, Central Battery Units and Luminaire Conversion Equipment.

Continued investment in our 35,000 sq ft Bray, manufacturing facility gives us the scale and flexibility to respond to any customer requirement.

Ventilux also have full design capabilities at both locations for ICEL project design and also bespoke product design.

Value proposition

Ventilux design and Manufacture Emergency Lighting and Automated testing systems to the latest BS and EN standards. Not only can Netcom 5 XP save in excess of US $80,000 in Labour costs in the first 3 years of operation as it did in the College of Technology Doha Qatar. It ensures compliance to the latest testing standards.

The Ventilux Optilens LED product offers exceptional light coverage in Emergency operation, reducing the quantity of fittings and wiring/labour costs associated with installation.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO:9001:2015 ICEL ENEC BSI kite Mark NSAI OPW LIA