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Business description

Medical Devices.
Vasorum has developed Celt ACD® a vascular closure devices to address the small bore closure market (5-12F) and the large bore closure market (>14F).

It has already developed and received CE Mark and FDA approval for Celt ACD® a biocompatible stainless steel implant used to close small bore arterial puncture holes (5F, 6F and 7F) for the interventional cardiology, radiology and neuro-radiology markets. It currently markets Celt ACD® in the US and EU.

Products and services

Vasorum has developed Celt ACD® 5F 6F and 7F devices that are addressing the small bore femoral closure segment (5-12F) of the interventional cardiology, radiology and neuro-radiology markets. Vasorum believes that Celt ACD® has significant advantages over other arterial closure devices, these include:
• Definitive closure
• Rapid and simple deployment
• Uses existing procedure sheath in the artery No skin incision
• May be used in Peripheral Vascular antegrade puncture procedures
• No arterial dilation
• Visible on x-ray making visualisation during deployment possible
• No biological component
• Minimal training needs
• Allows immediate re-access and is usable in a range of clinical settings where other closure devices cannot be used. These include; calcified arteries, side-sticks, high-sticks and in puncture sites in the bifurcation.

Value proposition

Vasorum is currently exploring strategies to further develop its global sales and marketing infrastructure, it has already sold >30,000 devices. It is envisaged that sales of Celt ACD could grow to over $250m within five year when marketed through an established salesforce.

Once approved for sale Large Bore Celt ACD® closure device will be sold through the same sales and marketing infrastructure.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 13485 2016 CE Mark for Celt ACD® (Europe) PMA Approval P150006 for Celt ACD®(USA)