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Business description

Manufacturer of functional wallcoverings, films, paints and plaster.

We design, manufacture and sell magnetic, dry erase and projections sceen wallcoverings, films, paints and plaster for commercial interiors.

We sell via a range of multi-lingual ecommerce websites, a global partner network, and also offer bespoke manufacturing to leading office furniture and wallcoverings brands.

Products and services

Our products transform office and education interiors into productive work surfaces.

For a whiteboard surface of any size, choose from our whiteboard wallpapers, films or paints.
For a magnetically receptive surface of any size, choose from our whiteboard wallpapers, films, paints or plaster.
For a projector screen surface of any size, chose from our projector wallpapers,films or paints.

Choose our 3in1 and 2in1 wallcoverings for combinations of writable, magnetic and/or projector screen surfaces.

Value proposition

Our functional wallcoverings allow users to optimise walls, desks, partitions and more for increased collaboration and productivity.

Standards and certificates

  • Awards: Irish Exporters Association Emerging Exporter of the Year European office product of the year – Product of the year 2018 Standards: Our products comply to international fire and air certification for commercial interiors with certificates for VOC, Fire, M1, LEED, Etc

Key partners

• We partner with brand leaders in the commercial interiors Office Furniture who can distribute our products under our brand, or we also offer bespoke custom solutions for Private Label partners. Our distributors sell to businesses or Education not Consumers we do not work with retail partners