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Business description

Shaw Academy develop and deliver online educational courses focused on practical skills. Offering a range of subjects that are internationally credit rated and operating primarily in the B2C space via social platforms and brand partnerships, Shaw Academy has acquired over five million users to date and continues to grow by adopting a simple mission to deliver high quality education at scale that is affordable and accessible.

Products and services

Courses with Shaw Academy are professional development subjects and lifestyle or hobby interests

Shaw Academy run a freemium subscription model where users register via a thirty day trial. Upon completion of the trial students will then be invited to take out a monthly subscription.

There is also a licence enterprise model available for B2B partnerships.

Shaw Academy make online education interactive and deliver a classroom experience which focuses on the student experience. Users schedule classes to suit their schedule and engage with lecturers and classmates while taking lessons. Made possible by Shaw Academy’s propriety AI tool – Morpheus which now answers 88% of questions asked by students, Shaw Academy is built for scale and simultaneously to creating Morpheus also built Phoenix its own learning platform which can run multiple classes across different time zones and cater for millions of students.

Value proposition

Shaw Academy can deliver high quality education in an interactive format at scale for low cost. By modelling a class room format where students attend lessons at scheduled times and having technology in place to make modules interactive and engaging Shaw Academy can provide a learning experience that encourages student completion within a defined time period. Coupled with the fact that Shaw Academy has developed its own technology to build a unique learning platform and delivers its own content (which is independently accredited) creates an environment where scaling is not an issue and the cost of education is kept low.