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Ultimo aggiornamento il Agosto 15 2019

Business description

Our product, RealWorld EDC is a software application developed by our multi-disciplinary team. It is used to collect patient information for post-marketing surveillance studies. CTEP offers an end-to-end solution from eCRF design and build, to the delivery of a clean set of data. We work with clients in one of two ways:•Providing RealWorld EDC directly to pharma and related sectors•Partnering with Contract Research Organisations (CROs)

Products and services

Since its inception CTEP has listened to its customers and end-users and continually innovated based on this feedback. An evolving technology stack now provides a suite of technology to build and validate the eCRF, to manage study data and to provide access to reports for study progress and study outcomes. Built on ODM standard technology, the suite of products developed at CTEP offer an end-to-end solution from CRF design to the delivery of a clean set of data. •Study Assembler and Builder generates the eCRF from the protocol, allowing the eCRF to be built automatically. •The electronic Case Report Form is the data capture component of the system. It is designed for infrequent users who may only use an eCRF occasionally. •eCRF validation and testing is automated using Realworld Validator. •Realworld’s Clinical Trial Data Management product assists the data manager in cleaning the study data set.

Value proposition

RealWorldEDC assists pharma to improve Business through earlier availability and market utilisation of real world data.
RealWorld EDC offers advantages as the only electronic data capture (EDC) solution with a unique focus on post-approval studies. This focus on observational/registry EDC – coupled with an absolute commitment to quality – gives rise to a range of benefits that put it far ahead of other solutions:
• Reduced Costs: offers best in class EDC with proven significant cost reductions.
• Faster set-up: the standardised study-builder means studies can be set up in as little as four weeks, shortening time to completion
• Easy to use: Users love the simplicity and ease of use of RealWorld EDC. This means fewer support calls and better data capture for clients
• Multi-language capability: RealWorld EDC has built-in support for multiple languages, making it much easier to run studies across multiple countries and language areas
There are many other reasons for choosing Real World EDC:
• RealWorld EDC provider CTEP has a strong track record as a high-quality solution provider with a network of contacts across the industry
• The solution has been developed with input from doctors, nurses and patients as well as pharma and CRO clients.

Standards and certificates

  • CTEP is 1 of 10 companies in the world certified by CDISC joining industry leaders such as Oracle, Phaseforward and Medidata.

Key partners

• JSW Research