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Business description

Established in 1997, LSM is an independent Irish company that provides industry-leading waste solutions to customers and distributors around the globe.
Our world view is simple: manage our waste better, make our world better. That’s why we’ve dedicated the last two decades to innovating and engineering the most reliable and efficient waste balers available, so we can help our customers better manage their waste compaction, disposal and recycling.

All LSM machines are designed and manufactured at our cutting-edge facility in Portlaoise, Ireland, where we can customise individual machines as well as large waste solutions for our global customers.

Products and services

From cardboard to plastic, from glass to cans, LSM balers, crushers, presses and packers consolidate waste quickly and efficiently, every time. That means more time, energy and capital for you to put into your business.

Value proposition

Since 1997 LSM has been responsible for manufacturing some of the most reliable and powerful waste balers available. We work with distributors in more than 30 countries around the globe, helping them build sales and increase rentals.
Our smart designs provide for quick and easy installation and servicing, saving customers both time and money.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT - Bale after bale, year after year, LSM machines don’t stop

LSM machines are designed to work and built to last, so our customers feel confident with their waste compaction solution. Our extensive range includes balers, crushers and packers for all
types and volumes of waste, constructed with high-quality materials and precision technology:

• Balers for every waste compaction need
• Superior reliability
• CE certified,
• EN16500 compliant
• Customisable large balers
• e-Power technology to maximise savings

Standards and certificates

  • CE certified EN16500 compliant