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Business description

Connemara marble gifts & jewellery. Irish Rosary beads.
The company is formed since 1946 and is in its third generation. We own and operate our on Marble Quarry located in Co Galway. We have long experience and proven track record with Customers at home and worldwide.

Products and services

Connemara Marble jewellery, gifts and Souvenirs. Irish rosary beads, chaplets and bracelets. A wide range of out sourced tourism retail products. OEM capabilities.

Value proposition

The Company is in its third generation, and this brings proven history, track record and reliable service. We can work with our customers to develop products for their exclusive use, can tailor and adapt products to reach key price points or targets- so to achieve a win win situation.

AS we own the source of the raw material supply is not a problem. We have worked with various very large companies and have achieved on time delivery and passed all QA standards and tests, proving that we can be a 100% reliable partner.

Many customers have traded with us for over 40 years, and this in itself proves that we are capable, reliable and valued vendors.