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Ultimo aggiornamento il Agosto 15 2019

Business description

HiberGene Diagnostics Limited develops, manufactures and markets molecular diagnostic tests for human infectious diseases. HiberGene is committed to providing rapid and highly accurate testing solutions, which are cost effective and simple to use. HiberGene’s product portfolio currently comprises CE-marked, singleplex molecular tests for Meningococcus, Group B Streptococcus, C. difficile and Mycoplasma pneumoniae and duplex tests for Meningococcus/Pneumococcus, CT/NG, Flu A/B and RSV A/B.

All HiberGene’s molecular tests are incubated and read on the HG Swift analyser.

Products and services

HiberGene’s molecular diagnostic tests utilise a technology known as loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). HiberGene’s tests are inherently rapid and easy to use, enabling direct detection of bacteria or viruses from non-invasive human samples (e.g. swabs), with minimal sample processing. HiberGene’s tests provide clinicians with clinically critical, real-time results in less than 60 minutes, allowing for more effective management and treatment of patients with life-threatening infections.

Value proposition

HiberGene is committed to providing rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic testing solutions. Stable freeze-dried reagents, coupled with a robust and compact instrument, translates into a low-cost comprehensive testing solution with minimal training required.

Molecular testing – rapid – accurate – low capital cost – minimal training required – robust, small-footprint instrument – stable, freeze-dried reagents.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 13485 ISO 14971 SFDA-cleared

Key partners

• See full list of distribution network available on our website