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Ultimo aggiornamento il Agosto 15 2019

Business description

Heat Design , manufactures and designs high quality stoves and Fireplaces for more than 40 years. Our products meet all European standards are are sold throughout Europe. We work with natural marble, limestone, cast iron & steel to create functional yet well designed heating units for your home.

Products and services

• Cast Iron Stoves
• Steel stoves, freestanding and inserts with external air options
• Twinwall (Double skinned) flueing systems.
• Fireplaces made from Limestone, Natural Marble and Wood.
• Specialist in manufacturing Boiler Stoves

Value proposition

We manufacture contemporary designed cost effective solid fuel heating systems. Our stoves are designed to make a home a cosier and happier place. Our success comes from heating successive generations within the same family. We are designing products for a future where low carbon and ash emissions are the norm to help prevent global warming.

Our customers are ordinary people who are environmentally conscious and who enjoy the reliability and performance and cost effectiveness of our products.

We can offer a home delivery service any place in the UK. We have a number of different brands which we distribute through multi channels around Europe. We are over 40 years in business.

Standards and certificates

  • Full CE certification for all our products. Our current inserts meet the 2022 standards

Key partners

• Cashin group France
• Percy Doughty UK
• Euro Stoves UK
• Hellix Holland