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Business description

Greenstreets Environmental Resources Ltd was founded in 2000 to help firms comply with Producer Responsibility (EPR) Waste Legislation. We provide a range of services and software to firms that have onerous EPR Waste Reporting obligations around Packaging, Textiles, Electrical & Electronic Waste (WEEE) and Battery Waste. We also provide specialist advice to firms wishing to develop their own sustainable packaging strategies, assisted by our specialist software solution GRIPSTM, developed in-house to meet our data reporting requirements.

Products and services

Greenstreets offers expert advice and outsourcing capability in 3 main areas,
1. Helping firms comply with European/Canadian and
Australian EPR Waste Legislation
2. Assisting with the preparation of Annual EPR Waste
Returns & optimising fee obligations
3. Helping organisations develop their own Sustainable
Packaging Strategies

Over time we have expanded the range & scope of its services to industry to provide a one-stop global offering for international firms that may lack environmental expertise or awareness of their reporting obligations in all of these regions. Industries most impacted are Retailers (multiple-region), Food/Drink, Pharma/Technology producers as well as Importers, Wholesalers/Distributors.

We manage a tight geographical network of highly qualified partners and consultants.

This is all underpinned by our GRIPSTM Software, designed specifically for businesses with EPR reportimg obligations in multiple jurisdictions.

Value proposition

Our primary focus is about developing processes and methodologies to help us gather, validate and compile data on behalf of clients in an effeicient and cost effective way. Each we prepare and report through more than 70 different stewardship or compliance programs globally, for almost 300 clients in 15 countries and we’re fortunate to work with some of the most successful companies in the world.

So we see our core value proposition as being to
1. Ensure that our clients are compliant with the EPR regulations in force in all countries they operate.
2. Drastically reduce or eliminate altogether the time-consuming reporting workload for busy managers.
3. Find ways of reducing clients’ EPR Fee Obligations by ensuring they do not over-report.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO:9001:2008

Key partners

• Wastepack Limited (UK)
• E4environment (UK)
• Landbell GmbH (Germany)
• Forschgruen (Germany)
• Scout Environmental (Spain)
• ECS (Australia)