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Business description

Computer room close control air conditioning, air handling products & solutions.

Products and services

A full range of Data Hall cooling products is available including full Fresh Air, Indirect and Adiabatic cooling along with the traditional indoor computer room products which are offered with variable capacity refrigeration, fluid or fresh air free cooling and chilled water. Custom solutions to meet specific site constraints can also be offered.

Value proposition

EDPAC have the ability to join a project design team and add considerable value to the design, life cycle operating costs and project implementation and management. We have extensive experience in very large projects both in Ireland and overseas, which can be managed locally through our partner network. Data Hall solutions have included full fresh air, adiabatic solutions, indirect cooling using both air to air and fluid to air. Specific effective solutions will be determined by the operating temperature of the data centre and the prevailing climatic ambient conditions.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO:9000 CE

Key partners

• Middle East – Site Technology
• Denmark, Belgium, Russia, Singapore, USA – Johnson Controls
• UK – Marsh Climate
• Netherlands – Airview
• Far East – EDPAC AP
• Ireland – Crossflow, Burlington Engineering, AirconMech, Kirby Group.