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Business description

Druid Software is a technology company specialising in cellular network solutions. Founded in 2001, we have become a global leader in Private Cellular Networks. Druid’s technology is built on its Raemis™ platform, which is a set of cellular software assets developed by Druid’s engineering team & optimised for business use cases. Key solution areas are Enterprise Comms, IoT, MEC & Public Safety. Raemis™ harnesses 5G/4G/3G/2G & Wifi radio capability to implement standalone cellular network solutions. Raemis integrates with mobile network operators using standard interfaces giving access to all radio resources of these operators. We operate a channel model worldwide. Setting up local partners

Products and services

Druid has developed a niche with its private network software providing major healthcare and marine transport providers with the essential underlying mobile network coverage and secure connectivity for critical 24/7 communications, which public telecoms networks cannot adequately supply. In Healthcare, Druid are positively affecting people’s lives by providing optimum ‘5 bars’ of mobile signal coverage across the healthcare campus, ensuring doctors & nurses can always stay connected (via integration of their ‘nurse call’ app) with hospital patients & nursing home residents.
In Shipping, Rotterdam Port is one of the world’s busiest, and was also an early pilot test location for driverless vehicles and port automation. Druid is helping to quench fires safely & quicker with the latest instant private (small cell) mobile. Drones can fly over Druids instant network providing the fire brigade mobile communications support vehicle with an instant birds eye view.

Value proposition

The Key attributes of the Druid cellular private network applicaton platform are:

• Realtime Business process integration
• Enterprise Management Interface
• Customisable
• Mission Critical Applications
• Light Weight and Virtualizable
• Security Hardened for untrusted environments

Standards and certificates

  • Vodafone, Mitel, Avaya and Cisco certification. Our technology platform is developed based on 3GPP standards.

Key partners

• Koning & Hartman
• Mitel Networks
• Panasonic Corp
• Airspan Networks
• Airbus
• Cisco