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Business description

Crest Solutions is a leading provider of machine vision inspection and track & trace solutions to packaging and manufacturing sites in regulated industries in Europe, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food and beverage.
Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Crest Solutions is a booming technology company with a vibrant and innovative team which continues to grow. As Western Europe's largest supplier of machine vision solutions, Crest Solutions is proud to offer clients leading expertise and local support from a highly-experienced team.
Building on the core skillset in engineering project design & delivery, Crest Solutions is also innovating in Industry 4.0 solutions.

Products and services

Develop software solutions and products that make up automated vision-based control systems for: - line management; - production control; - print and inspection of key data for serialisation, aggregation, track & trace; - document proofreading and quality documentation.
Virtualisation & Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Cobot applications, competency-based training, embedded engineering and Managed Services.

Value proposition

Crest Solutions is an industry leader in the area of industrial machine vision and traceability. We are committed to assisting our customers in solving challenges in production and packaging. We are experts in our field and are pleased to be in a position to advise clients on key improvements that can help them to increase efficiencies and reduce cost within their organisation. We ensure that our systems add value by employing only the highest quality hardware and software in our products and solutions. We believe in constant investment in our team to ensure that the applications reaching our clients are innovative and proven. We know our products can have a tangible effect on client processes and have extensive experience in corporate accounts where we have rolled out installations across multiple sites.

Standards and certificates

  • CFR Part 11 ISO9001:2015 GS1 SAP

Key partners

• Antares Vision
• Global Vision Inc.
• Cognex Corporation
• Marchesini