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Business description

Handy Baby Product Ltd., trading under ClevaMama®, is well respected, ambitious Nursery Brand which operates in various categories across the nursery sector. It provides innovative product solutions to parenting issues. Based in Dublin, Ireland with 11 employees it has a global reach of over 40 countries.

Set up in 2003, by two working mothers and sisters, it has built it’s foundation on four values (3PW), which are applied to every touch point in the business:
• Pride – To be purposeful in our pursuit of excellence.
• Pioneering – To lead and never follow.
• Professional – To develop a brand that is honest and pure.
• WOW! - To inject surprise into everything we do

Products and services

ClevaMama® has an extensive range of over 60 products incorporating Bathtime, Bedtime, Gift, Feeding and Safety products. Our products follow a simple formula. They are practical, well designed, creative and above all, affordable. Our ethos is to lead and never follow and the ClevaMama® brand has become synonymous with innovation and trust. We boast a range of patent products, registrations and trademarks. These, along with our collaborations with world class leaders such as Trinity College and Teagasc Moorepark Technologies have marked ClevaMama® as an industry leader in the nursery sector. ClevaMama® products have been awarded several prestigious nursery awards both at home and overseas, such as Mother and Baby Gold, Practical Parenting Best Buy and Mom’s Choice Awards in the USA.

Value proposition

Clevamama™ products are designed by Mums for Mums, inventive yet practical products at reasonable prices.
Our innovative products have been developed with first hand knowledge of what parent’s need and aim to make parents lives that bit easier. Through an extensive study with leading researchers at Trinity College Dublin, we have been able to provide our customers with invaluable information on Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome and offer them a solution in the form of ClevaFoam. ClevaFoam was developed with Trinity College Dublin and is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of Flat Head Syndrome in babies.

Standards and certificates

  • All products comply with EU, FDA and International Industry Standards. Pending ISO approval.

Key partners

• Enterprise Ireland
• Trinity College Dublin
• Teagasc MoorePark