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Ultimo aggiornamento il Agosto 15 2019

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Business description

Travel agent & tour operator

Software development for Disneyland Paris tour operator sales distribution.

Products and services

Distribution software for tour operators, specifically for the Disneyland Paris product suite

Value proposition

We have developed a bespoke software which allows tour operators to distribute the Disneyland Paris product range into their local markets.

Disneyland Paris appoint distributors in each country/market but don’t provide them with software tools to enable then to sell the product B2C, B2B, B2B2B

The Disneyland Paris product range is very complex in its pricing and availability structures and as a result it is practically impossible to sell the entire range without an effective software to manage content and to provide an online distribution platform for customers.

BOBS software addresses this issue and, as a result, Disneyland Paris now introduce us to their distributors as a software provider with an effective solution.

The BOBS software provides companies with a management solution saving significant costs and growing sales.
Costs are saved because fewer staff are required to manage the Disney content and availability data.
And sales grow because staff are able to sell more efficiently and the full product range can be sold online B2C and through travel agents and other channels in the local market.

Key partners

• Disneyland Paris