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Business description

Barclay is a family-owned, Irish company that has been dedicated to the supply of crop protection products for over 30 years. Based in Dublin, our fully integrated site delivers registration, manufacturing & distribution throughout Europe and beyond. Although our main focus is glyphosate, we also specialise in a growing range of herbicides and fungicides for the broad-acre market.

Products and services

Herbicides: Glyphosate, ethofumesate, fluroxypyr, Propyzamide, Fungicides: chlorothalonil, prochloraz.
Insecticide: Dimethoate,
Molluscicide: Pathfinder 5 Micro
nutrients: manganese, magnesium

Value proposition

Barclay is an Irish owned Agro Chemical manufacturer. We have been producing high quality post patent crop protection products for a European market for 30 years.

With control of our own production line we can produce and deliver products to customers across Europe in good time to meet demand and keep our customers stocked to maximise their business. Our dedicated R&D team work with feedback from our customers to develop products to meet their customer’s needs, expanding our product line and increasing their product variety. We provide a great combination of high quality products and competitive pricing that is approved by all of our customers. Proof of our value comes from 30 years of experience in the Crop Protection Industry and satisfied customers that are happy to provide testimonials of our service and quality.

Standards and certificates

  • LEAN manufacturing