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Business description

Aylien leverages Artificial Intelligence to empower thousands of forward- thinking enterprises and
developers to collect, analyse, and understand vast amounts of human-generated content.

Products and services

Text Analysis API, which extract meaning and insight from textual content with ease, and News API,
which allows to Search, source, and analyse news from around the web in real-time.

Value proposition

Every day, we help our users gather and ingest millions of pieces of content to obtain new knowledge and insights about the world, as well as their customers, competitors, and markets. These insights enable our users to ask better questions, find answers faster, and ultimately make smarter decisions.

We have combined state-of-the-art Machine Learning with superb engineering to deliver powerful products that simplify complex processes and automate what previously required human-level intelligence.

Our easy-to-use APIs and developer-focused approach to Machine Learning and text analytics have made us a popular choice among developers and builders.