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Business description

Akari Software has gained an international reputation for being a leader in curriculum management processes and software. Working with international clients in Ireland, the UK, Middle East, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, Akari Software has now established that Curriculum Management is indeed a new category of University Management software that has largely been ignored by the software industry.

It is now accepted that the management of Higher Education cannot be really effective without a full understanding of the curriculum and the ability to use data collected therein for effective analysis and management.

Products and services

Akari Software’s Curriculum Solutions Suite provides comprehensive, easy-to-use online Curriculum Management Software for managing the design, delivery, publication, cost-effectiveness and quality of education courses throughout all stages of the curriculum lifecycle.

Knowing what is on the curriculum is one challenge. Is the website offering the correct version, in detail and with guaranteed accuracy.? Does this align with the Student Registration system and is the Learning Management system carrying the correct baseline data?

What happens when there is an update of data - does it move seamlessly across? And when all of that is complete are you sure the programme learning outcomes align with the module learning outcomes in terms of content, delivery and assessment?

If all of these are working you are probably already using the Akari Software systems. If not, then read on.

Value proposition

Akari Curriculum Management Software supports the complete lifecycle from concept, design, implement, monitor, review, and potentially retire across sophisticated hierarchical programme structures for Higher Education Institutions.

The Akari value propositions rests on three pillars:

• A Web-based, database driven, curriculum management solution, that places the curriculum at the centre of the academic institution, delivering a single source of curriculum truth across the institution and its web site.

• Improves administrative productivity and faculty efficiency in a time of reduced staffing options. Supports economic viability modelling helping institutions optimise the cost of Programme delivery without compromising Learning Outcomes.

• Helps guide student success enabling learners to independently navigate and understand curriculum components and structures and make informed choices.

Key partners

• Blackboard Australia, New Zealand and Asia