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Ultimo aggiornamento il Agosto 15 2019

Business description

ATC provides a supply chain and engineering service.

Our solutions include spare parts inventory, lean manufacturing solutions supply and design, additive manufacturing including prototyping, reverse engineering, bespoke stainless fabrication and precision machining components.

Products and services

ATC specialises in:

• Sealing components such as gaskets, seals, bellows, o-rings, sanitary/hygienic fittings and clamps, diaphragms, greases/lubricants including food-grade, extrusions and edge trims. Other components include pumps and valves.
• Lean solutions for Lean Environments, Industry 4.0, Assembly Line Configurations, Production Logistics, Workstation Ergonomics etc. Our products are ergonomically designed to meet lean manufacturing and continuous improvement (kaizen) principles.
• Hydraulic & torque tools such as pumps, cylinders, tensioners, etc.
• Service, repair and certification to assist in scheduled preventative maintenance programmes in line with industry standards.
• Bespoke stainless fabrication & precision machining of high quality customised solutions.

Value proposition

Our mission is to build value for our people, company, customers and all our partners.

Advanced Technical Concepts are solution providers. We are dedicated to offering a one-stop solution for all your engineering requirements and provide custom engineered solutions.

At ATC we understand that every project is unique – your project will receive the customised care it deserves. For 25 years, ATC has been sourcing and supplying high quality, durable, and time-tested engineering components. We have forged solid partnerships with some of the most respected companies in the world. Our experience ranges from creating spare parts for the pharmaceutical, medical devices, food & beverage industry, to the transport and aerospace sectors, and many other manufacturing facilities that depend on quality parts and services, flexibility and just in time delivery.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015

Key partners

• Flowstore
• Ergomat
• Klinger
• Trelleborg
• Leapfrog
• Hi-Force
• Super Lube
• Process Technologies Inc.